Thursday, 25 August 2011

History of Mercedes Benz

There's not a much better respected name within the automobile industry than that of Mercedes Benz. Just the name speaks of craftsmanship and quality. Each vehicle that's manufactured by this business is recognized to be dependable and durable. Ever wonder where the business came from and how Mercedes Benz got their start?

Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler both lived in Germany about a hundred years ago. They were born about 10 years apart and lived only 60 miles from one another. Each of these young boys grew up being exposed to the machines of the day; and they both took a big interest in them. As they grew and began to develop their own vehicles, they had such different methods that nobody ever dreamed the two could successfully work together.

In 1886 Mr. Benz constructed a motorized tricycle and then followed it with a four-wheeler style in 1893. Also in 1886, Mr. Daimler built what was known as a horseless carriage. A couple years later he indulged in a business deal with William Steinway who agreed to produce Daimler's goods in the United States. Steinway made Mercedes cars and light trucks for three years. But in 1890 Daimler died and left his business to Wilhelm Mayback who was his chief engineer. That same year a special car was created and produced for Emil Jellinek. This car was named Mercedes following his daughter. Benz produced the counterpart, the Parsifil in 1903. Each automobile manufacturers' websites had been switched to producing war materials throughout World War I.

The economy had suffered throughout the war in Germany. The nation also forced a 15 percent luxury tax on owning any vehicle. There was also a lot of difficulty trying to locate fuel to run a vehicle. Benz made a couple attempts at merging and other business deals but they were largely unsuccessful. As the German economy continued to decline only a few cars were registered in 1923. In the United States Benz built about a thousand vehicles but half of all the vehicles had been Fords. DMG and Benz signed a mutual agreement to conduct business together, but each maintained their own identity.

Following the two companies merged, the official insignia of the Mercedes Benz was developed. It contained a easy, 3 pointed star and it had a laurel about the perimeter. In 1927 about 7,000 vehicles were made and by 1930 the company owned the begin towards the largest and most prestigious manufacturer of cars. Mercedes Benz continues to be known for their high quality, luxury cars.

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