Thursday, 29 September 2011

BMW South Africa: A Gem To Adore

Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW. These 3 automakers bring only one thing is common, they are German engineered. Rosslyn, Pretoria is home to one of the world's prestigious automaker BMW South Africa. It specializes driving on both the left and correct angles due to the various regions it exports to.

BMW South Africa has produced fantastic strides in producing high quality cars that households in South Africa would love. In fact BMW South Africa has been extremely effective that it even boosted production in order to cater to the growing customer base.

Countries such as Canada and the United States are big importers of the three series make. BMW in the African nation gained a contract in April of 2011 to concentrate mainly on this model. The increase was by 3000 cars in that make and the three series is utilized in some Asian countries and parts of Europe.

The BMW M3 model is adored in the African nation. This model is even included in the seventeen art vehicles for the automakers very best cars since it started the business of manufacturing cars. Each model has a story and the name of the artist who created the art.

The car maker likes to unveil limited or unique editions of the best cars it has manufactured. BMW Frozen M3 and 3 Series Dynamic Edition are both special editions that have received worldwide attention and BMW reaching 25 years since its birth celebrated by releasing these two vehicles.

BMW South Africa needed to revamp its manufacturing plant and so in 1999, the automobile business commissioned the new logistics system utilizing the SAP R/3 platform in order to enhance supply chain management. The automaker also installed a wireless system recognized as Psion Teklogix that oversees the speeding up of the plants processes.

Ordering of parts is carried out very efficiently through recording of a barcode. The request is directed to the proper manufacturer. Then the parts are picked and the original request scans the part upon arrival. This system has enabled BMW South Africa to accurately pinpoint its inventory befor car sales and thus avoid wastage.

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