Sunday, 11 September 2011

Suzuki South Africa Comes back

In 2008, Japan announced that Suzuki South Africa would return to providing their vehicles on the marketplace. This comes following a 4 year break but now they have made contractual efforts with another subsidiary company which will be able to deal with the distribution of vehicles and imports. Previously, Common Motors had carried a contract and distributed vehicles for the business. This arrangement was concluded in 2004 when General Motors sold 17 percent of the shares they had previously owned in the stock in Suzuki South Africa, but they sold it and only retained about 3 percent of these business shares. The Japanese Motor Corporation also worked with various dealerships to import and distribute motorcycles and outboard motors through Suzuki South Africa.

Several studies had been conducted by the Japanese Motor Corporation in which in which it was demonstrated that vehicles are a big marketable product in this region. Therefore, plans are being produced to set up dealerships which are already located in the region. This will serve as a way to make the vehicles available to the general public. They will also build some new facilities in some of the main locations of the country. The locations that are being targeted are Durban, East London, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. The goal is to have at least 10 locations that are operable.

Suzuki South Africa has plans to release several models they will market in the area. The SX4 and the Swift will be the initial models that will be released. The following models will be the Grand Vitara and the Jimny. There should be around 45 office personnel to function the common offices and the port in Durban will be used to receive imports.

Presently, Suzuki South Africa will only be importing vehicles and making them available on the automobile market. There are no plans correct now to try to build a manufacturing facility in this region. The passenger vehicles that are obtainable to South African clients will be produced at the plant that is located in Kosai, and other types of vehicles will come from the Iwata plants. These two plants are located in Shizuoka, Japan.

The Japanese vehicle manufacturer has 31 assembly plants that are located outside of Japan and 13 affiliates and sales subsidiaries. The business has a very good reputation for producing high quality, reliable vehicles. The business produces motorcycles, quads, and marine products along with passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. They have been able to maintain their pricing extremely competitive and are glad to provide the new branch of their business to Suzuki South Africa.

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