Thursday, 22 September 2011

Introducing The New 2011 Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage was the first Kia model to be launched in the USA and has been creating a huge impact since the mid 1990s. It originally offered a high specification driving experience at unusually low costs. Kia's newest version is a million miles away from the model's initial appear. The Korean car maker has fully relaunched its image for the next generation.

At first glance, the 2011 Sportage is contemporary, sleek and sporty. The newest addition to the Kia family members is longer and wider than all of its predecessors. The new model is so well-liked it is widely believed to be the most desirable compact crossover, CUV model currently on the market. Nevertheless, there is a lot much more to the Kia Sportage than just great looks.

The new model is a dramatic change from prior incarnations, with exaggerated wheel flares and a greater belt line. Important improvements to the exterior of the vehicle consist of LED lights for daytime running, a sculpted hood that has a distinctive dynamic look to it and a contemporary, nearly futuristic appear to it. The Sportage is much more than capable of taking on similar vehicles such as the Honda CRV, Nissan Roque and the hugely well-liked Toyota RAV4 when it comes to great looks.

Having been roundly criticized for interiors in the past, Kia have made some large improvements. These changes give the car's interior the finish of a luxury manufacturer such as Lexus or BMW. There are also a list of gadgets and toys that will compete with any car on the market today.

Climate controlled with a dual zone system comes as regular in all models. There is also an MP3 player, power windows and potent mounted speakers featured in all models. An AUX and USB port will allow drivers to enjoy music directly from MP3 players. There will also be a trip pc as regular for the driver. Higher specification models such as the EX will consist of integrated satellite navigation systems as nicely as luxurious heated leather seats.

All models will have a 2.four liter, 16 valve engine. Capable of an impressive 176 horse power, the four cylinder engine will be more than able to keep up with all of its primary competitors. Even though the Sportage has the look of an off-road, multi purpose vehicle, it is very best suited to city driving. It has a a lot firmer suspension than other CUVs and therefore will deliver a bumpier ride on uneven surfaces. One distinct advantage Kia's new model has is its capability to carry out on ice and snow. The all wheel drive system grips any surface with confidence, making it an perfect choice for those living in cold climates.

After substantial testing by reviewers and motoring experts, a much better and more controlled ride has been reported than offered by the Sportage's direct competitors. The ride is regarded as a little softer with a better and much more accurate steering response. For motorists searching for more energy, Kia have announced there will also be a two liter turbo GDI engine, capable of a massive 260 horse energy.

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